As conventional landscape opportunities continue to erode, Elysian Landscapes seeks to reimagine the urban fabric as a breeding ground for interaction, awareness and enjoyment. We envision landscape as the medium of the contemporary city, and our work, across many multiple private and public commissions, as one continuous habitat for the city of Los Angeles.

We believe that landscape is a conduit for social engagement and can inspire meaningful connections between people, places, nature and the seasons. With an ambition toward creating dynamic environments, which join us to our context and community, our projects are vibrant, visible and integrated within our daily lives.

Our attention to detail and thoughtful choreography of movement, light, sound, scale, form, color and texture, established in hundreds of private gardens, brings extraordinary atmosphere and distinctive character to our public spaces, at every scale. As a design/build firm, making our work from conception to fruition, we are able to ensure our ideas and aspirations are executed with the highest quality and intent. Each project serves as an evolving foundation for future work.

We are committed to rich and spirited collaboration, open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

Our vast knowledge of plants from around the world enables us to provide responsible landscapes that are as unique as they are sustainable. Above all, our practice thrives on creating gardens that are deeply personal and celebrate the relationship between planetary health, artistic expression and the ephemerality of the natural world.

The Team
Judy Kameon
Dana Bauer
David Ellien
Katy Valentin
Colin Gast
Lucie Siggins
Vishaal Khanna
Barbara Farmer
Rob Smith